I promise, there are not many :) Now, get cozy while you read our few rules.

No innapropriate stuff→ Specifically mating, kitting, etc. If they wouldn't use it in the books, don't try it here.

Use decent grammar/spelling→ It gets annoying if you always say "jumps in yard and say hey what u gunna do". Try: "She elegantly jumps in the yard, landing in a patch of daisies. She let out a small sneeze before saying, "Hey! What are you going to do today?" "

Keep cussing to a minimum→ Sure, you can say Heck, etc., but nothing too dirty, please. :)

No godly/impossible cats→ A green feathered cat with wings that cannot be touched is not cool, it's irritating.

Be polite to me and any other rp-ers!→ They're humans, too. :)

Make Clans realistic→ If you make a Clan called "UnicornClan", I will delete it! I would accept SplashClan, or something.

Use real names→ Turtlepelt is perfect, but Rihannafur is not!

Don't be a bully!→ It only embarasses you. :/

Let us know when your OOC!→ All you have to do is write in {},[],(),**, etc. when not rp-ing :)

HAVE FUN!→ cfdnscivhncdjsdgbvncjycwn IF YOU DON'T, I WILL GIVE YOU NO COOKIEZZZ :3

ENJOY! Contact me at: XXAnnWuvsHerCupcakez;3Xx ~~~

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