Your Welcoming Edit


You were hunting on a land full of prey and water. It smelled strongly like toms, as if there were no she-cats at all. Then a massive tom yowls, "Who is there?!" Then you get jumped on. "Look at this," said another tom. "Another slave!" You tilt your head but they quickly bite into your shoulder, ripping it open. "Take her back to camp," ordered the first massive tom. They drag you, making sure you are battered into plenty of rocks until you are bleeding.

When you get to the camp, you see many toms. They mile around. Then you see a few cowering she-cats. Three toms are cackling as they order them to do something you can't catch. You see a tiny kit- perhaps three moons?- tried to pad away without them noticing. A full grown tom- almost four times the kits size- with huge shoulders and muscles rippling under a short pelt jumped towards the kit. He grabbed her leg and slammed two paws down on it. She yelped as you heard a loud SNAP as her bone breaks. Blood spatters the leg as the tom steps back again, eyes beaming with pride in himself.


You hear a loud welcoming meow. "Hello!" You snap your head up. A tom, slightly smaller than you, starts padding towards you. "Welcome to DarkClan! I am Snakeflight." You nod in a welcoming motion. "This is the Clan with she-cat slaves. They must obey us no matter what. We are allowed to torture them, starve them, whatever we wish! Come join us." You like the sound of that. "Alright!" He hands you a mouse and leads you to their camp.

Camp Edit

Our camp is a huge hollow. She-cats are not allowed out.

Leader's Den- A hole with moss covering the top

Warrior's Den- only toms may sleep in this den surrounded by bushes; she-cats are not welcome

Nursery- queens and their kits live here for 5 moons; a huge hollow in the ground covered by a thick swarm of bushes

Elder's Den- Another hollow covered by bushes

Apprentice's Den- only for toms; like the warrior's den but smaller

She-cat's Den- a freezing cold corner covered with bare hard ground and no prey

Rituals & Our Ways Edit

We, of course, start off as kits. at 5 moons, she-cat are put up for "auction". If a tom does not claim the kit, it is killed. Toms immediately become apprentices. Then, they, along with their mentor, can torture the mentor's slave. If a she-cat does live, they must serve their master their whole lives. This requires them to do whatever their mentor says- feed the mentor, clean out the Dirtpile, etc. Their master has the right to do whatever they want with the slave- torture them, starve them, etc. At 10 moons, toms become warriors and are allowed to claim a slave. Medicine cats (toms) must have a slave as well. Leaders can have as many she-cat slaves as he wishes. Deputies can have up to 3. Regular warriors can have 1. A toms slave(s) are his mates as well. If a she-cat refuses to listen to her master, she must face the consequences. For not listening to their mentor- they get a broken limb. For trying to escape- they must live right next to the Dirtpile for as long as their master wishes and their master may torture them as much as he wishes. And for fighting their mentor, they get a broken spine. She-cats cannot be leader, deputy, medicine cat, warriors, etc.

Cats In The Clan Edit

Leader- Vixenstar; a black tom with a white patch on his shoulder and a white patch over his left eye; has 6 slaves Roleplay by XXAnnWuvsHerCupcakez;3Xx

Deputy- OPEN


Tom apprentices-OPEN


Yarrowtip; a yellow-ish white she-cat with gold eyes Master is Vixenstar Roleplay by XXAnnWuvsHerCupcakez;3Xx

Moosetail; a brown she-cat with white and black flecks, a white stripe down back, and yellow eyes Master is Vixenstar Roleplay by XXAnnWuvsHerCupcakez;3Xx

Moonpetal; a blue-gray she-cat with white patches down her spine; gray eyes Master is Vixenstar Roleplay by XXAnnWuvsHerCupcakez;3Xx

Medicine Cat(s)- OPEN

Nursing Queens- OPEN

She-cat Kits- OPEN ALWAYS

Tom kits- OPEN

Form Edit




Who Rp is by

Small personality summary

Rules Edit

No mating. Message me if you want your she-cat to try to escape. Not too many brave she-cats. Other than that, normal rules.

RP Edit

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