Your "Welcoming" Edit

You stand in the entrance to a massive hollow with dark stone walls. Red is splattered all over the dark walls- they're almost black- and over the ground. Then a massive weight lands on your back. You're immediately crushed and gasp for air. Three-inch long claws drive into your hand, making your brain fuzzy before you pass out.

When you wake, a black she-cat sits beside you. She is slender, but muscular, her claws are long- very long- and they click against the floor. Her tail is white, along with a single white shoulders. She is gorgeous. She snarls, "Who are you staring at?" You stutter, "Oh, um, u-um, n-no one.... miss." She hisses, "I will rip your throat out if you call me 'miss' again." She bares her fangs, which you notice are also splattered with red. "W-what's in your teeth?" you ask shakily. She bares her fangs wider while saying, "Blood of my victims that don't shut their stupid muzzles!" You snap your mouth shut. She stares into the distance before saying, "I am Mysterystar. Get up." You stand, but your legs buckle out from under you. She hisses, annoyed, and grabs you roughly by your shoulder fur, ripping you up. You hear a loud tear and see she tore your shoulder fur, making it bleed. You yelp, but she just walks away from you. You're dizzy, but unwillingly follow her. She leads you back into the hollow you were in before. "This—" she says"—is AzureClan." Cats mile around, blood spattering each of their pelts. They have the same sharp claws as Mysterystar. You feel unsteady in here. Whoo, this was going to be a long ride....

Camp Edit

Camp- a stone hollow

Leader's Den- A crack between two walls covered with dead, curling vines. It must be shared with the deputy.

Warriors' Den- A tunnel in a wall that has moss.

Apprentice's Den- Another tunnel.

Nursery- None

Elder's- None

Medicine Cat Den- None

Bonerock- The "Highrock". A huge rock with bones set on top and spreading over the edge. Also where the weak are used as examples as they are killed.

They live up by a Twoleg ceremony. The other Clans believe this is why they are 'evil'.

Rituals & Our Ways Edit

We do not believe in StarClan or the Dark Forest. Those stupid cats think they can rule. We honor no one. Let me explain the cycle. First, you are born a kit (obviously). If you look tough and brutal, you are kept. If you are weak, you are thrown onto the Bonerock where the leader and deputy attack you to make an example to the Clan that weakness is not tolerated. If you were strong enough to survive, at two moons you became an apprentice. You are given a mentor, and they must train you— not to fight, but to kill. If you are not strong enough to survive training, you are usually killed during it. At four moons, to become a warrior, you must fight your mentor to the death. Whoever wins gets to stay/become a warrior. We have no elders. They serve until they die, as an honorable warrior should. If they feel they can no longer serve the Clan, they are killed upon the Bonerock. Same thing for traitors. But the leadership is different. Every twelve moons, the strongest warrior in the Clan must face the deputy in battle. If the deputy wins, the strongest warrior dies and the deputy stays deputy. If the warrior wins, the deputy is dead and the warrior is announced the new deputy. If they are not satisfied, they may go up against the leader to challenge the leadership. If a leader dies in this battle, the warrior is the new leader of the Clan, or he/she has conquered it. Therefore, the cycles continue.

Cats In The Clan Edit

Leader- Mysterystar; black she-cat with a white tail and shoulder with blood-red eyes and a slender yet muscular frame. Roleplay by XXAnnWuvsHerCupcakez;3Xx

Deputy- Sinwhisper- a dark gray tom with black tiger-like stripes, a torn ear, and ice-blue eyes. Roleplay by XXAnnWuvsHerCupcakez;3Xx

Warriors- OPEN

Mistyshock- a dark blue-gray she-cat with lavender eyes Roleplay by XXAnnWuvsHerCupcakez;3Xx

Apprentices- OPEN

Bloodpaw- A scarlet-brown tom with a huge, muscular body and startling brown eyes; very brutal and scary Roleplay by XXAnnWuvsHerCupcakez;3Xx

Form Edit




Who Rp is by

Small personality summary

Rules Edit

Same rules apply. Ask to kill someones cat before doing so. No mating.

RP Edit

Bloodpaw paced around camp, wondering which she-cat he should flirt with. His eyes were filled with mischief. He liked flirting with the she-cats, he enjoyed their faces while he did so.


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