Your Welcoming Edit

A friendly, soft-furred she-cat pads up to you. She shows no anger, no vengeance, just a gentle look in her eyes. Her claws are hidden by fur, and she showed no sign of attacking you. "Greetings!" she mewed. Her fur was gorgeous and pale golden. It was long, silky, soft, and smooth, and it covered her paws. Her eyes were a gorgeous shade of amber. "You look tired and hungry. Would you like some prey?" You stutter, "U-u-um, sure.. thanks." "No problem!" she meowed in a cheery tone. "Splashwind, get her a rabbit please. Brindlepaw, get her some fresh moss." She turns to you, and dips her head. You blink, surprised you were welcomed so warmly. "I am Blossomstar, and welcome to PoppyClan."

Camp Edit

PoppyClan is set right beside a Twolegplace. Other cats call them kittypets because of this. They sit on the open moorland beside the Twolegplace.

Leader's Den- abandoned Twoleg barn; often bright due to the large holes in the roof

Warrior's Den- A ditch in the ground where a Twoleg nest used to be

Apprentice's Den- old abandoned Twoleg's dog's kennel

Nursery- a warm, cozy tunnel with the softest moss and nicest feathers

Elder's- another tunnel ↑

Flowerstones- like Highrock but covered with flowers and moss

Rituals & Our Ways Edit

We believe StarClan will always save and protect us. We encourage the weak and the strong, and our training is safe. We feel everyone deserves a second chance.

Cats In The Clan Edit

Leader- Blossomstar; a pale golden she-cat with soft, silky, long fur that covers her paws and gorgeous amber eyes Roleplay By XXAnnWuvsHerCupcakez;3Xx

Deputy- Splashwind; a dark golden tabby tom with brown eyes and muscular, broad shoulders Ask To Roleplay Him And I Will Let Ya ;)

Warriors- OPEN

Apprentices- OPEN

Kits- OPEN

Icekit; an icy blue-gray she-cat with silver eyes and slender frame Roleplay By XXAnnWuvsHerCupcakez;3Xx



Form Edit




Who Rp is by

Small personality summary

Rules Edit

Usual Rules- No mating, etc.

RP Center Edit

Icekit bounded around on the tips of her paws. Her energy was endless, so she hopped about, looking for a friend.

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